Health Overview

The Health and Wellbeing of the Fatima community has been the corner stone of Fatima Groups United health work since 2003. Through funding from Fatima’s Social Regeneration Public Private Partnership funding and the Canal Communities Local Drugs Task Force, our health work has grown in strength in terms of its ability to respond to local needs through a community development approach to health by supporting people to value their own health and wellbeing.

When people join in Fatima Health programmes and groups they begin a journey where their health is in their hands and they begin to feel more confident about their lives and their health.  Breaking down isolation and addressing stress, mental and physical health issues are the basis of the work we do.  A holistic approach to health looks at the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs in the broadest sense of the word.  A wide range of activities/classes are provided throughout the year in the areas that address these needs.

Participant Experiences (Drop in Relaxation) One participant stated the programme was assisting her ‘in getting back confidence so that I can get back out again’.  Another participant stated that ‘later in the week it keeps you built up for the next time you come along….it is very restorative’.  The programme was also found to improve mood and help motivate and organise participants.  [Review of Community Health Projects 2011-2012] (Physical Exercise Programmes) One participant said they attended the classes ‘to have fun’, ‘to increase mobility’, ‘help with insomnia’ and ‘make me feel better about myself’

The Health Team is made up of a Co-ordinator and 3 part-time health workers, funded by the Fatima Trust, Local Drugs Task Force and Fatima Community Employment Scheme. 





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