Children aged between 1 and 2 years are admitted into our Waddler room.  This is a part-time service only.  Our Waddler room has a well-balanced routine with lots of time for free play. We provide an environment where small children can feel secure and confident to explore their surroundings in a very safe but interesting way. Each day Waddlers are encouraged to become more and more independent and plan activities that interest them using a range of different methods for example photos, activity tray or simply by pointing to an activity. This is carefully recorded and used by staff to meet children’s current interests and developmentally appropriate activities for each child. The waddlers enjoy a wide range of activities with their key worker as well as lots of group time with an assortment of stories, nursery rhymes and songs. Waddlers need lots of love and one on one attention and we strive to provide this throughout the day. Parental involvement is encouraged and appreciated as we strive to create an environment where parents feel comfortable asking for advice or help dealing with challenges often faced at this ever changing time.

This room consists of one playroom, sleep room and changing area.

The room is divided into areas of interest, these consist of messy, house, construction, table top, and quiet and provides an area for floor movement.  Children can move freely between areas.

The room can house ten children at any one time.  

The cot room consists of 6 cots two of which are evacuation cots for transporting children in an emergency.  

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